Due Diligence

Need a Deal Memo written?

Our expert team can perform Due Diligence on startups. Our Standard Deal Memo examines the venture in detail by looking into 6 key areas. We then produce a thorough, well-written report that is 20-25 pages long that outlines our findings after evaluating the company. It typically takes an average of 10 business days to complete.

What exactly is covered in the Deal Memo?

The Deal Memo opens with an Executive Summary of the investment opportunity. The following 6 areas will then be investigated by our team in collaboration with the executive team of the startup:

  • Team
  • Product & Technology
  • Competition
  • Market opportunity & Sales Strategy
  • Exit Potential
  • Financials

Why is a Deal Memo useful?

Startups, by their nature, are risky. When evaluating potential investment opportunities, it is important for Investors to take the time to thoughtfully investigate the business to determine its viability.

Taking the time to conduct proper due diligence impacts investor returns. A study conducted by Wiltbank and Boeker looked at data from over 538 angels in 3,000 investments to determine the impact the amount of due diligence had on investor returns. The results are eye-opening, but not entirely surprising:

“More hours of due diligence positively relates to greater returns.”

The study also revealed that the overall return multiple for angel investors who did a significant amount of due diligence was the following:

5.9X for greater than 20 hours of due diligence

Needless to say, due diligence plays an important role in the overall investment process. Our Expert Team is here to help. We can take on the 20 hours of work needed to evaluate the startup for you.

Interested in learning more? Email Victoria Dominguez-Edington (victoria@dealflownow.com)

Our Team

Kelsey August

Chief Executive Officer

DealFlowNow is the brainchild of Kelsey August, Past Chair of the Central Texas Angel Network. She saw a need to easily provide the right deals to the right investors. So, as a serial entrepreneur who has 40 portfolio investments, she decided to create a platform that could aid in fundraising matchmaking.  DealFlowNow is her latest contribution to the startup ecosystem plus she uses it to select her startup investments as well as help her portfolio companies raise their next rounds.

Victoria Dominguez-Edington

Director of Operations

Victoria Dominguez-Edington is the Director of Operations for DealFlowNow. Previously, she served the startup community as the Program Director for the Central Texas Angel Network. In her role, Victoria managed the planning and execution of Funding Cycles for Startups to try to secure funding from Investors. Victoria led and participated in the Due Diligence process and assisted in the creation of Deal Memos. Victoria was also featured as a 2022 SXSW Mentor.

Camron Matschek

Camron Matschek built the DealFlowNow platform and handles all of the behind the scenes technical work required to operate our platform. Camron also serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Monroe & Weisbrod, holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at On the Dot Global, and has built and run numerous tech projects from the ground-up including VidHealth, Hourglass.md, and vStaff.