Seeking Super Angel Funds?

We are a group of seasoned early-stage investors searching for startups at the forefront of innovation. DealFlowNow is a collection of Super Angels and Family Offices looking to invest in disruptive early-stage companies based in the United States.

We are sector-agnostic, but are particularly interested in evaluating companies that qualify for the Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) exemption. The vast majority of early-stage companies qualify for QSBS. You can check with your CPA to verify.

Below you will find more information about our investment criteria. Please review in detail to ensure your company fits all of our criteria before reaching out:

  • Your company is raising an equity round
  • Your company is a registered C Corp in the US
  • Your company’s assets must be under $50M (refer to current balance sheet). *A good rule of thumb, if you raised less than $50M total, you probably qualify for this criteria.*

If you are a qualified small business and your company fits all of our criteria, feel free to email Victoria ( to complete a brief profile on DealFlowNow. If we find your company a good match, we will have you fill out a more thorough Due Diligence Checklist so that we can examine your venture in detail.

FAQ for Startups

What is the average size of DealFlowNow‘s Investments?

The total investment range is between $250K-$2M.

How long does DealFlowNow‘s Due Diligence process take?

From the start of formal due diligence to an official decision about funding, our process takes approximately 45 days.

Does DealFlowNow charge fees for applying?

No, we do not charge companies application or carry fees.

Our Team

Kelsey August

Managing Director

Our investment group is run by seasoned angel investor and serial entrepreneur, Kelsey August. She has held many key roles in the local startup ecosystem during her career. Most recently, she was Chair of the Central Texas Angel Network. During her time at CTAN, Kelsey also served on the Investment Committee and played a vital role in Due Diligence that helped secure tens of millions of dollars for dozens of companies. Kelsey now has 40 active companies in her portfolio that she actively supports with key resources and mentorship.

Victoria Dominguez-Edington

Investment Associate

Victoria Dominguez-Edington is the Investment Associate for DealFlowNow. Previously, she served the startup community as the Program Director for the Central Texas Angel Network. In that role, Victoria managed and participated in the Due Diligence process. She played a key role in the creation of Deal Memos for startups seeking funding from investors. Victoria also organized the planning and execution of Funding Cycles. For her work in enabling the innovation community, Victoria was featured as a 2022 SXSW Mentor.